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Scott Davis

Bestselling Author/Speaker/Humorist/Radio Personality. 

I started GetReal Speakers to help local pastors & churches reach more people in their community.

Scott Davis

Scott Davis is a 1984 graduate of Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. Over the past 31 years, Scott has traveled the United States and 26 countries spreading the Gospel through music, humor, and speaking.  Along the way, he's met many like-minded Christian artists, singers, speakers who share his passion of reaching the lost. 


Scott believes time is short and God has given us all a directive of making disciples.


To make the most of the time left, he has formed GetRealSpeakers to showcase various events that are specifically designed to help the local church get new, unchurched people through the doors while encouraging the faithful believers. In time, he'll be adding other solo artists and speakers to the GetRealSpeakers roster. Therefore, we ask that you please visit this space often.


Thanks and we look forward to partnering with you to help reach new people. 


Contact us at 800.346.4963 or Text us at 470.243.1940
(if texting, be sure to include your name and info!)
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