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A New Normal?


Ready for a night of normalcy engulfed with Laughter and Hope?

Then look no further!  

BRAD STINE has been a regular on the FoxNews Channel over the years as well as multiple appearances on other shows including the "MIKE HUCKABEE SHOW" which airs on TBN. Brad is committed to driving home Biblical truths in unexpected ways!

Tucker Carlson of FoxNews says, "Brad Stine is the funniest man I would introduce to my children. It’s not often you meet a person who is both bitingly witty and thoroughly decent. Brad Stine is both."

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SCOTT DAVIS has been a regular on many radio and television shows including the "Mark & Kathy Show" with Mark Lowry & Kathy Troccoli which aired on the INSP Network. Today, Scott is best known through his National Radio Show, "The Monday Mood Changer," and his best-selling book, "If My Body Is A Temple, Then I Was A Mega-Church." His newest book, "I Am Not My Own, Just Ask My Wife" is available now wherever books are sold. 

Mark Hall of Casting Crowns says, "“Check out my good friend Scott Davis. He is rocking his comedy events in churches all over the country!”

What to expect at a Back to Normal Comedy Concert

Brad Stine on the Huckabee Show

Brad Stine on Dry Bar Comedy

Scott Davis Trailer 1

Scott Davis Trailer 2

A New Normal?


Booking dates now for OCT/NOV/DEC 2020

Call: 866.880.7901 or Text: 470.243.1940

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